Introduction to Choiqi


Choiqi is a general term of the natural healing techniques designed by Wonsup Choi. Choiqi consists of six categories. Each category contains several techniques. The techniques are adequately combined and utilized for each symptom.



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1. Choiqi-S

Choiqi-S is an integrative self-healing method by three step techniques for the relief of specific symptoms. It will be called 3-Step Healing Qigong Technique. The three techniques are 3-second correction (Choiqi-3), External Qi-Healing (Choiqi-X), Healing Meditation (Choiqi-M) in order.

The first step, 3-Second Correction (Choiqi-3), is a technique to heal illness through the flow and change of qi in the body while keeping motionless after simple movements. It is a combined technique of static gong and dynamic gong.

The second step, External Qi-Healing (Choiqi-X), is a technique to heal one’s own or others’ illness by emission of qi out of the body. Choiqi-x in 3-Step Healing Qigong Technique is mainly applied to heal one’s own illness by emitting one’s own qi out of the hand into one’s own self.

The third step, Healing Meditation (Choiqi-M), is a technique to heal illness by managing qi in the body through meditation.

The different styles of the three techniques are applied to each symptom, and they are designed for everyone to do easily. The time required is approximately 5minutes for 3-Second Correction, 5~20minutes for External Qi-Healing, and 5minutes for Healing Meditation. It takes total approximately 15~30minutes for a set of the three techniques.


2. Choiqi-T

Choiqi-T is a method to alleviate pains or symptoms by simple taps and soft touches. It is mainly utilized for an immediate effect. It is also applied for the relaxation of the whole body.


3. Choiqi-M

Choiqi-M is meditation methods. Meditation is a practice of qigong to achieve a goal through regulating one’s breath and mind under the state of minimum or no movement of the body. There are various meditation techniques to heal illness by managing qi in the body and purify body and mind for the better life.


4. Choiqi-X

Choiqi-X is a representative Qi-healing technique to maintain health and heal one’s own or others’ illness by emission of qi out of the body. Everybody has qi, and the qi emitted out of body. It is called external-qi. Choiqi-X is a healing method by the external-qi. In this process, Choiqi-X is mainly applied to heal others' illness.


5. Choiqi-B

Choiqi-B ia a method for Body Massage and Body Adjustment. It consists of Energy Massage, Energy Foot, and Body Adjustment.

Energy Massage uses touch and non-touch massage techniques by external-qi together while general body massage uses only touch massage techniques.

Energy Foot is a pedopractic massage or acupressure. Pedopracters in Energy Foot do their Energy foot with sitting position in a significant portion while the pedopractors in general pedopractic do their pedopractic with standing position.

Body Adjustment is a technique to adjust the muscles and bones and balance the whole body. It is characterized by very soft adjustment.


6. Choiqi-E

Choiqi-E is a slow exercise with the corresponding breath, which aims to promote one’s health and heal one’s illness through opening the blocked qi and enhancing qi-flow in the body. There are many exercises in Choiqi-E, and the representative exercises are the warming-up exercises for the relaxation of the body and mind, JB-exercises for enhancing energy and strengthen muscular power, Choiqi diet exercises for losing weight, and Choiqi spontaneous movement for balancing the whole body and unblocking qi-flow clogged in the body.